So I knew I wanted to talk about a character from Tales of Vesperia today, but I didn’t quite know which one to pick. I was torn between the fantastically refreshing main character, who (in a twist for the JRPG genre) is mature, witty, level-headed, and not afraid to take matters into his own hands, even if it means he has to resort to immoral deeds, as long as it is for the greater good. The other option was a perverted old man. So really the choice was obvious!

    Pictured: He's imagining you naked

                He’s imagining you naked.

    Old Raven AKA Damuron Atomais AKA Schwann Oltorain is a knight and an archer in one. He uses some funky transforming bow that he may have acquired from a lover who may have not actually loved him who died attempting to save his life, yet he died anyway and was resurrected and forced to do the bidding of a power-hungry commandant. He’s kept alive solely by a mechanized heart, and is a both powerful member of one of the most powerful guilds and the leader of an important brigade of knights.

    BASICALLY he’s a character of strange dualities. Old and childish, melee and ranged, fighter and mage, knight and guildmember, leader and follower… you get the idea. The interesting part is that everything Raven is seems to be the opposite of Schwann. It’s a pretty well-known fact that Raven wasn’t fond of his Schwann persona and tries to distance himself from it (even going so far as to tell his own brigade that they’ve mistaken him for the wrong person), so perhaps it’s no coincidence that Raven is everything Schwann’s not. By adopting every personality trait that opposes Schwann, Raven hides himself from the guilt and conflict he feels inside from his acts as Schwann.

    Of course later on in the game he seems to adopt the best qualities of both of them, probably representative of him coming to terms with his deeds as Schwann. Which is fine and dandy to me, as long as he continues saying awesome stuff like:


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